Consider classic plans and proven sermon ideas for the entire church year.

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    Sunday is always just around the corner. It's job security for preachers: the Sundays just keep on coming! But that also means that within hours of delivering the sermon you worked all week to produce, you have to think about the next one you have to write.

    Making a preaching schedule (covering an entire year, half-year or quarter-year) is an invaluable way to increase efficiency each week. The Bible is a big book and the Christian theological tradition is also wide and deep. If every Monday or Tuesday you have to ask anew "What will I preach on next Sunday?" you may lose a lot of time even before you can begin your research and then the composing of the actual sermon. But if at the start of each week you already know what passage and/or theme you will focus on, then you can dive right in.

    Here the Center provides you with a variety of resources that pull together key themes and that then correlates those themes with fitting biblical passages as well as some of the more prominent confessional documents of the church. We hope it will help you in producing your next preaching schedule.

  • Prayers for Discernment
  • Classic Plans for the Preaching Calendar
  • Sermon Series Ideas
  • "What I Have Discovered"