Classic Plans for the Preaching Calendar

Almost everyone lives by the calendar. Whether it's the Currier & Ives calendar hanging on the kitchen wall or the digital calendar on a PalmPilot, we all know that we forget important matters if we don't know what day or week it is. Hence, we check our calendars pretty regularly and order our days accordingly. Traditionally the church has done this as well. Even though not every congregation follows the Liturgical Year in its entirety, most churches observe the well-known seasons surrounding Christmans, Easter, and Pentecost. When planning a preaching schedule for yourself, following the Liturgical Year (in full or in part) is a natural place to begin.

Here the Center provides suggested texts for major theological themes such as Creation, Providence, and Thanksgiving as well as for the chrurch seasons of Advent/Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Palm Sunday/Good Friday, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost. But, of course, the vast majority of the year is that long stretch from Pentecost to Advent known in some circles as "Ordinary Time." To help fill in the preaching blanks on the bulk of the annual calendar, we also list here ideas for sermon series on various themes as well as links to articles that give suggestions on how to structure theme-oriented series.

Theological and Thematic Resources