Advent Sermon Series

A few suggestions for possible Advent Sermon Series

The Songs of Advent:

A series which looks at the poetic words uttered around the birth of the Messiah. The texts of the songs are below, more verses can be added to flesh out the stories.

  • Mary's song - Luke 1:46-55
  • Zechariah's - Luke 1:67-79
  • John the Baptist's - Luke 3:1-18
  • Angels' - Luke 2:14
  • Simeon's - Luke 2:28-32

Hidden Characters of Advent:

A series which looks at the characters in the Advent story not usually highlighted.

  • Elizabeth - Luke 1:23-25; 39-45; 57-66
  • Joseph - Matthew 1:18-25
  • Herod - Matthew 2:1-18
  • Jesus - John 1:1-18 [The perspective here is that we can forget that Jesus existed before all time, and that creation was made through him, and will be remade through him as well.]