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mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Remembering Our Story" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee6.3 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Wordstruck" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.3 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Shaping Words" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.8mb
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"The Book We Preach" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.0 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"To Cite or Not to Cite" An "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee4.7mb
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Pulpit Talk" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.4 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Speak the Sermon Into Being" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.2 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"Experience" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee1.8 MB
mp3"On Preaching" ArticleScott Hoezee"The Frame" an "On Preaching" Article by Scott Hoezee2.3 MB
mp3Acts 1Walter Brueggemann"The Risks of Truth-Telling" A Sermon from Acts 1 by Walter Brueggemann5.6mb
mp3Acts 17Victor Shepherd"Neither Epicurean nor Stoic" A Sermon from Acts 17 by Victor Shepherd9.9mb
mp3Acts 2Arlan Palmer"The Coming of the Spirit" A Sermon from Acts 2 by Arlan Palmer17.5mb
mp3Acts 2Scott Hoezee"Not Every Spirit" A Sermon from Acts 2:1-13 by Scott Hoezee12.4mb
mp3Advent SermonWilliam Willimon"God Comes to Bethlehem" A Sermon for Advent by William Willimon7.8mb
mp3Advent SermonWilliam Willimon"Incarnation" A Sermon for Advent by William Willimon8.1mb
mp3All Saints DayBarbara Brown Taylor"The Communion of Saints" A Sermon for All Saints Day by Barbara Brown Taylor5.7mb
mp3ArticleCornelius Plantinga, Jr."God the Whistler"3.3mb
mp3ArticleNeal Plantinga"Fittingness" an "On Preaching" Article by Neal Plantinga (Read by Scott Hoezee)2.5mb
mp3Colossians 1Leonard VanderZee"The Cosmic Redeemer" A Sermon from Colossians 1:20 by Leonard VanderZee13.0mb
mp3Colossians 3Joanna Adams"Character Development" A Sermon from Colossians 3 by Joanna Adams10.8mb
mp3Colossians 3John Rottman"Set Your Minds" A Meditation from Colossians 3:1-4 by John Rottman5.4mb
mp3Colossians 3Scott Hoezee"Dwell in You Richly" A Meditation from Colossians 3:12-17 by Scott Hoezee7.8mb
mp3Colossians 3Neal Plantinga"And Give Thanks" A Meditation based on Colossians 3:1-4; 15-174.4mb
mp3Colossians 3Neal Plantinga"The Patience of Atticus Finch" A Sermon from Colossians 3 by Neal Plantinga9 MB
mp3Colossians 4Jack Roeda"A Devoted Life" A Sermon from Colossians 4 by Jack Roeda13.2mb
mp31 Corinthians 1Howard Vanderwell"A Foolish Message" A Sermon from I Corinthians 1:18-31 by Howard Vanderwell14.0mb
mp31 Corinthians 1Thomas G. Long"Saints" A Sermon from 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 by Thomas Long10.0mb
mp32 Corinthians 1Laura Smit"Always Yes" A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 1:1-22 by Laura Smit9.2mb
mp32 Corinthians 12Anthony Carter"The School of Grace" A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 by Anthony Carter12.7mb
mp31 Corinthians 13David Davis"After the Wedding March" A Sermon from I Corinthians 13 by David Davis9.8mb
mp31 Corinthians 15Harvey Smit"Victory over Death" A Sermon from 1 Corinthians 15:42-56 by Harvey Smit10.1mb
mp31 Corinthians 1:1-9Thomas G. LongSaints10.0 mb
mp31 Corinthians 2Calvin VanReken"Spiritual Knowledge" A Sermon from 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 by Calvin VanReken15.6mb
mp32 Corinthians 3Paul Scott Wilson2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon "From Glory to Glory" A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 3:7-18 by Paul Scott Wilson13.4mb
mp31 Corinthians 4Howard Vanderwell"Weak Fools" A Sermon from I Corinthians 4:1-13 by Howard Vanderwell10.7mb
mp32 Corinthians 8Thea Leunk"Firstfruits or Leftovers?" A Sermon from 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 by Thea Leunk8.0mb
mp3Daniel 3Eleazar Merriweather"O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink" A Sermon from Daniel 3:16-18 by Eleazer Merriweather10.5mb
mp3Daniel 7Daniel Block"When Nightmares Cease" A Sermon from Daniel 7 by Daniel Block13.2mb
mp3Deuteronomy 11:1-17Mary Hulst"A Land God Watches Over" A Sermon from Deuteronomy 11 by Mary Hulst11.1mb
mp3Ecclesiastes 11Duane Kelderman"Looking Back" A Sermon from Ecclesiastes 11-12 by Duane Kelderman10.6mb
mp3Ephesians 2Laura Smit"Grace Alone" A Sermon from Ephesians 2:1-10 by Laura Smit10.2mb
mp3Ephesians 2Laura Truax"Good Enough" A Sermon from Ephesians 2 by Laura Truax10.1mb
mp3Ephesians 4Neal Plantinga"Speaking the Truth in Love" A Sermon from Ephesians 4:1-16 by Neal Plantinga4.4mb
mp3Ephesians 4Leonard VanderZee"Spiritual Geography" A Sermon from Ephesians 4 by Leonard Vander Zee9.8mb
mp3Ephesians 4Jack Roeda"Anger" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Ephesians 4 by Jack Roeda10.8mb
mp3Ephesians 6Alton Hardy"The Sword of the Spirit" A Sermon from Ephesians 6 by Alton Hardy5.4mb
mp3Esther 4Thea Leunk"For Such a Time As This" A Sermon from Esther 4 by Thea Leunk13.1mb
mp3Exodus 13Albert Aymer"Never Alone" A Sermon from Exodus 13:17-22 by Albert Aymer19.6mb
mp3Exodus 14Laura Smit"Water, Wind, and Fire" A Meditation from Exodus 14 by Laura Smit6.1mb
mp3Exodus 14-15Sophie Mathonnet-VanderwellExodus and Easter: a 2014 Symposium sermon on Exodus 14&1516.1 MB
mp3Exodus 16Rev. Scott HoezeeGlory in the Wilderness a sermon from the 2014 Worship Symposium22.1 mb
mp3Exodus 2Laura TruaxSymposium on Worship 2010: "A Basket among the Reeds" A Sermon from Exodus 2 by Laura Truax10.5mb
mp3Exodus 20Rev. Heidi DeJongeBoundless! A 2014 Symposium Sermon21.1
mp3Exodus 3Jerry Andrews"No Other Gods" A Sermon based on Exodus 3:1-10 by Jerry Andrews4.8mb
mp3Exodus 32Michael NaborsWhen Prophets Please the People a sermon from the 2014 Worship Symposium28.0 MB
mp3Exodus 32Neal Plantinga"God Just in Case" A Sermon from Exodus 32 by Neal Plantinga10.7mb
mp3Exodus 33Heidi De Jonge"God's Back" A Sermon from Exodus 33 by Heidi De Jonge14.7mb
mp3Exodus 40Jon BrownLooking for Home: A 2014 Symposium Sermon20.8
mp3Ezekiel 37Jack Roeda"That We May Live" A Sermon on Ezekiel 3710.2mb
mp3Ezekiel 43Tim Blackmon"Where Does God Live?" A Sermon from Ezekiel 43 by Tim Blackmon11mb
mp3Galatians 3Thea Leunk"You Promised: Baptism" A Sermon from Genesis 17 and Galatians 3 by Thea Leunk12.5mb
mp3Galatians 5Jack Roeda"Envy" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Galatians 5 by Jack Roeda10.6mb
mp3Genesis 12Leonard VanderZee"When Faith Falters" A Sermon from Genesis 12 by Leonard Vander Zee10.4mb
mp3Genesis 12Laura Smit"Stepping Out in Faith Into an Unknown Future" A Sermon from Genesis 12 by Laura Smit6.4mb
mp3Genesis 15Scott Hoezee"I Believe, But . . ." A Meditation from Genesis 15 by Scott Hoezee6.8mb
mp3Genesis 16Leonard VanderZee"A Dysfunctional Family and a Functioning God" A Sermon from Genesis 16 by Leonard Vander Zee10.4mb
mp3Genesis 18Thomas G. Long"Standing on the Promises" A Sermon from Genesis 18 by Tom Long7.3mb
mp3Genesis 22Marva DawnSymposium on Worship 2010: "The Lord Will Provide" A Sermon from Genesis 22 by Marva Dawn13.0mb
mp3Genesis 22Laura Smit"Fear and Trembling" A Sermon from Genesis 22 by Laura Smit9.2mb
mp3Genesis 25Howard Vanderwell"God's Scoundrel" A Sermon from Genesis 25 by Howard Vanderwell6.2mb
mp3Genesis 3Stan Mast"The Chilean Miners and the Children of Eve" A Sermon based on Genesis 311.2mb
mp3Genesis 32Marc Nelesen"The Face of God" A Sermon from Genesis 32 by Marc Nelesen13.2mb
mp3Genesis 32Lora Copley"Business with God" A Sermon from Genesis 32 by Lora Copley15.0mb
mp3Genesis 4Neal Plantinga"Late Have I Loved You" A Sermon from Genesis 4 by Neal Plantinga11.3mb
mp3Genesis 4John Witvliet"Baptism as God's Mark of Grace" an Ash Wednesday sermon4.4mb
mp3Genesis 4Neal PlantingaSymposium on Worship 2010: "A Mark of Grace" A Sermon from Genesis 4 by Neal Plantinga8.7mb
mp3Habakkuk 2Cleophus LaRue"It Will Surely Come" A Meditation from Habakkuk 2 by Cleophus LaRue5.3mb
mp3Haggai 2Amy Plantinga Pauw"Our Work and God's Promise" A Sermon from Haggai 2 by Amy Plantinga Pauw10.5mb
mp3Hebrews 10 David DavisSymposium 2008 Sermon: "Witnessing Perfection" by David Davis from Hebrews 1010mb
mp3Hebrews 11Kenneth BaileySymposium 2008 Sermon: "The Wonder of the Nature of Faith" by Kenneth Bailey from Hebrews 1110mb
mp3Hebrews 12Trygve JohnsonSymposium 2008 Sermon: "Morning Devotions" by Trygve Johnson from Hebrews 1210mb
mp3Hebrews 12Lora Copley"How to Run a Marathon" A Sermon from Hebrews 12 by Lora Copley13.2mb
mp3Hebrews 13Noel Due"Outside the Camp" A Sermon from Hebrews 13 by Noel Due17.0mb
mp3Hebrews 13Anthony CarterSymposium 2008 Sermon: "A Sacrifice of Praise" by Anthony Carter from Hebrews 1310mb
mp3Hebrews 2Scott HoezeeSymposium 2008 Sermon: "Yet at Present" by Scott Hoezee from Hebrews 28mb
mp3Hebrews 3Ellen Davis"God's House"11.8mb
mp3Hebrews 4Cisco Gonzales"Tempted in Every Way" A Sermon from Hebrews 4 by Cisco Gonzales11.3mb
mp3Hebrews 4Susan BriehlSymposium 2008 Sermon: "Approach with Boldness" by Susan Briehl from Hebrews 410mb
mp3Hebrews 6Jack Roeda"Sloth" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Hebrews 6 by Jack Roeda10.5mb
mp3Hosea 3Haddon Robinson"Scandal in the Parsonage" A Sermon from Hosea 3 by Haddon Robinson15.2mb
mp3Hosea 3 and 11Tim Blackmon"Who Are the People of God?" A Sermon from Hosea 3 and 11 by Tim Blackmon8.9mb
mp3I Kings 3Vic Pentz"The Intellectual Lifestyle" A Sermon from I Kings 3 by Vic Pentz10.9mb
mp3I Samuel 18Vic Pentz"David and Jonathan: The Power of Positive Linking" A Sermon from I Samuel 18 by Vic Pentz11.1mb
mp3Isaiah 11Paul Ryan"Hope in a Stump?" A Sermon from Isaiah 11 by Paul Ryan10.9mb
mp3Isaiah 25Paul Ryan"Hard to Swallow" A Sermon from Isaiah 25 by Paul Ryan13.1mb
mp3Isaiah 40Reggie Smith"Strength While We Wait" A Sermon from Isaiah 40 by Reggie Smith10.0mb
mp3Isaiah 41Mary Hulst"(Re)telling the Old, Old Story" A Sermon from Isaiah 41 by Mary Hulst8.5 MB
mp3Isaiah 43Duane Kelderman"I Will Be With you" A Sermon on Isaiah 43 by Duane Kelderman8.4mb
mp3Isaiah 53Mary Hulst"Broken for You" A Sermon from Isaiah 53 by Mary Hulst7.9mb
mp3Isaiah 56Thea Leunk"A House of Prayer for All Nations" A Sermon for Worldwide Communion Sunday from Isaiah 56 by Thea Leunk10.5mb
mp3Isaiah 56Amy Plantinga Pauw"Gathering the Outcasts of Israel" A Sermon from Isaiah 56 by Amy Plantinga Pauw7.6mb
mp3James 1Kathleen Norris"In the Midst of a Busy Life" A Meditation from James 1 by Kathleen Norris6.1mb
mp3Jeremiah 12Duane Kelderman"Run With the Horses" A Sermon from Jeremiah 12 by Duane Kelderman9.5mb
mp3Jeremiah 32Gerrit Scott Dawson"Investing in a Field of Flesh" A Sermon from Jeremiah 32 by Gerrit Scott Dawson9.0mb
mp3John 1Samuel Wells"Christmas Needs to Get More Materialistic" A Sermon from John 1 by Samuel Wells17,2mb
mp3John 1Scott Hoezee2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon: "The Glory We See" from John 1 and Philippians 28.8mb
mp3John 1Scott Hoezee"The One to Know" A Sermon from John 1 by Scott Hoezee8.3mb
mp3John 11Laura Truax"Wandering Back to the Tomb" A Sermon from John 11 by Laura Truax22.9mb
mp3John 12Laura Truax"So This Is Power?" A Sermon from John 12 by Laura Truax8.5mb
mp3John 12Michael Quicke"Mock Service or Real Living?" A Sermon from John 12 by Michael Quicke5.6mb
mp3John 12Neal Plantinga2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon: "Cruciform Glory" from John 12 by Neal Plantinga5.2mb
mp3John 14Stanley Mast"Owning the Mystery" A Sermon from John 14 and 16 by Stanley Mast9.9mb
mp3John 14Thomas G. Long"Troubled?" A Sermon from John 14 by Thomas G. Long8.1mb
mp3John 14Jack Roeda"The Way, the Truth, and the Life" A Meditation from John 14 by Jack Roeda7.0mb
mp3John 16Clayton Libolt"A Heart of Wisdom, A Spirit of Wisdom" A Sermon from John 16 by Clayton Libolt9.7mb
mp3John 17Debbie Blue"Glory Doesn7.0mb
mp3John 2Tim Keller"Lord of the Wine" A Sermon from John 2 by Tim Keller9.8mb
mp3John 20William WillimonSeeing is Believing: A Sermon for Easter from John 20 by William Willimon8.0 mb
mp3John 20William Willimon"Seeing is Believing" A Sermon Sermon for Easter from John 20 by William Willimon8.0mb
mp3John 21John Rottman "Easter: The Next Step" A Sermon from John 21 by John Rottman10.8 mb
mp3John 21Scott HoezeeAlways A Sermon from John 2111.8 mb
mp3John 3Samuel Wells"Born Again" A Sermon from John 3 by Samuel Wells9.2 mb
mp31 John 4Angela Taylor Perry"The Truth about Love" A Sermon from I John 4 by Angela Taylor Perry9.7mb
mp3John 9Laura Traux"I See Blind People" A Sermon from John 9 by Laura Truax8.6 mb
mp3Jonah 3Nancy Ross Zimmerman"Seeing Ninveveh" A Sermon from Jonah 3 by Nancy Ross Zimmerman7.2mb
mp3Joshua 2Howard Vanderwell"The Strange Lady in Church" A Sermon from Joshua 2 by Howard Vanderwell10.5mb
mp31 Kings 18Richard MouwSymposium on Worship 2010: "Calling down the Fire" A Sermon from 1 Kings 18 by Richard Mouw10.1mb
mp31 Kings 19David Beelen"The Whisper of God" A Sermon from 1 Kings 19 by David Beelen18.0mb
mp32 Kings 6Thea Leunk"A Prophet's Vision" A Sermon from 2 Kings 6 by Thea Leunk11.4mb
mp3Leviticus 16Tim Blackmon"Scapegoat" A Sermon from Leviticus 16 by Tim Blackmon11.8mb
mp3Leviticus 19Neal Plantinga"Neighbor Love" A Sermon from Leviticus 19 by Neal Plantinga6.6mb
mp3Luke 1Craig BarnesA Favor from God: A Sermon by Craig Barnes20mb
mp3Luke 1Laura Truax"Imagine" A Sermon from Luke 1 by Laura Truax18mb
mp3Luke 1Mary Hulst"God's Song to Mary" A Sermon by Mary Hulst25mb
mp3Luke 10Neal Plantinga"From Pride to Humility" A Sermon from Luke 10 by Neal Plantinga7.7mb
mp3Luke 10Kathy Smith"Performance Review" A Sermon from Luke 10 by Kathy Smith11.3mb
mp3Luke 13David Davis"All the More Grace" A Sermon from Luke 13 by David Davis5.9mb
mp3Luke 13Scott Hoezee"Christ the Hen" A Sermon from Luke 13 by Scott Hoezee9.2mb
mp3Luke 14Lyle Bierma"Christian Hatred" A Sermon from Luke 14 by Lyle Bierma4.2mb
mp3Luke 15Samuel Wells"The Hound of Heaven" A Sermon from Luke 15 by Samuel Wells24.2mb
mp3Luke 15John Buchanan"Say It Until It Sticks" A Sermon from Luke 15 by John Buchanan13.7mb
mp3Luke 15Mary HulstSymposium on Worship 2009: "Coming Home Empty" A Sermon from Luke 15 by Mary Hulst
mp3Luke 15Joanna Adams"The Greatest Story Ever Told" A sermon from Luke 15 by Joanna Adams10.6mb
mp3Luke 18Setri NyomiSymposium on Worship 2009: "Me? A 2009 Pharisee?" A Sermon from Luke 18 by Setri Nyomi10mb
mp3Luke 18Luke PowerySymposium on Worship 2009: "The Heart of Faith" A Sermon from Luke 18 by Luke Powery
mp3Luke 18Thomas G. Long"And Not Lose Heart" A Sermon from Luke 18 by Thomas Long10.0mb
mp3Luke 18-19Stan Mast"A Wee Little Man and a Weeping Large Man" A Sermon based on Luke 18-1910.8mb
mp3Luke 18:9-14Timothy KellerInside Out Living A Sermon from Luke 18 by Timothy Keller19.8 mb
mp3Luke 18:9-14Meg Jenista"Seen and Not Heard" A Sermon from Luke 18 by Meg Jenista10.6 mb
mp3Luke 19:1-10Scott Hoezee"Trees and Grace" A Meditation Based on Luke 19:1-106.5mb
mp3Luke 2Craig Barnes"The Glory is Everywhere" A Sermon from Luke 2 by Craig Barnes9.6mb
mp3Luke 2Craig Barnes"Salvation in Ordinary Wrapping" A Meditation from Luke 2 by Craig Barnes6.3mb
mp3Luke 22David Den Haan'Two Additions to the Ancient Ritual' a sermon on Luke 222.9 mb
mp3Luke 22William Willimon"Wrath" A Sermon from Luke 22 by William Willimon8.1mb
mp3Luke 23William Willimon"Sloth" A Sermon from Luke 23 by William Willimon8.1mb
mp3Luke 24John Witvliet"The Emmaus Road" A Sermon from Luke 24 by John Witvliet11.4 MB
mp3Luke 24Debra Blue"Dead Man Talking" A Meditation from Luke 24 by Debra Blue2.5mb
mp3Luke 24N. T. WrightLiving in God7.3 mb
mp3Luke 24:1-12Rob Peterson'The Life of Jesus' an Easter sermon from Luke 248.8 MB
mp3Luke 4Leonard Vander Zee"Life Is a Test" A Sermon from Luke 4 by Leonard VanderZee12.4 mb
mp3Luke 4Marc Nelesen"Oppress Release" A Sermon from Luke 4 by Marc Nelesen11.4mb
mp3Luke 5Alton Hardy"Divine Expressions of the Kingdom of God" A Sermon from Luke 5 by Alton Hardy5.4mb
mp3Luke 5Joy Bonnema"Net-Breaking Kingdom Vision" A Sermon from Luke 5 by Joy Bonnema12.7mb
mp3Luke 6Tim Keller"The Community of Jesus" A Sermon from Luke 6 by Tim Keller20.4mb
mp3Luke 6Tim Keller"Work and Rest" A Sermon from Luke 6 by Timothy Keller18.8mb
mp3Luke 6David Davis"Just Beyond Woe" A Sermon from Luke 6 by David Davis8.8mb
mp3Luke 9William Willimon"He Set His Face Toward Jerusalem" A Sermon from Luke 9 by William Willimon8.1mb
mp3Luke 9Laura Truax"Living in the Kingdom Now" A Sermon from Luke 9 by Laura Truax13.1mb
mp3Malachi 3Thea Leunk"Days of Cleansing" A Sermon from Malachi 3 and Philippians 1 by Thea Leunk10.1mb
mp3Mark 1Scott Hoezee"Where the Spirit Leads" A Sermon from Mark 1 by Scott Hoezee9.4 MB
mp3Mark 1Debbie Blue"The Ultimate Idolatry Story" A Meditation from Mark 1 by Debbie Blue4.9mb
mp3Mark 1Thea Leunk"Your Servant Naaman" A Sermon from 2 Kings 5 and Mark 1 by Thea Leunk18.2mb
mp3Mark 12Jon Walton"Out of Her Poverty" A Sermon from Mark 12 by Jon Walton4.6mb
mp3Mark 13Mary Hulst"Strange Comfort" A Sermon from Mark 13 by Rev. Mary Hulst10.2mb
mp3Mark 15Peter Choi"The Defiant Response" A Sermon from Mark 15 by Peter Choi17.2mb
mp3Mark 16Laura Truax"Meet the Risen Christ" A Sermon from Mark 16 by Laura Truax9.1mb
mp3Mark 2Neal Plantinga"Which Is Easier?" A Sermon from Mark 2 by Neal Plantinga7.4mb
mp3Mark 2Jon Walton"Breaking Through the Roof" A Sermon from Mark 2 by Jon Walton5mb
mp3Mark 4Laura Truax"The Sower" A Sermon from Mark 4 by Laura Truax6.7mb
mp3Mark 4Thomas LongDeeper8.1 mb
mp3Mark 4Kathy Smith"Do Not Worry" A Meditation on Mark 4 by Kathy Smith4.5mb
mp3Mark 4Thomas G. Long"Deeper" A Sermon from Mark 4 by Thomas G. Long8.1mb
mp3Mark 4Ron Rienstra"Asleep at the Wheel" A Sermon from Mark 4 by Ron Rienstra12mb
mp3Mark 4Craig BarnesSymposium on Worship 2009: "Careless Grace" A Sermon from Mark 4 by Craig Barnes9.4mb
mp3Mark 5Samuel Wells"How to Read the Bible in Three Dimensions" A Sermon from Mark 5 by Samuel Wells8.8mb
mp3Mark 5Neal Plantinga"Afraid of Sanity" A Sermon from Mark 5 by Neal Plantinga7.7mb
mp3Mark 5Thomas G. Long"In His Right Mind" A Sermon from Mark 5 by Thomas G. Long32mb
mp3Mark 6Joanna Adams"The Habit that Keeps Us Human" A Sermon from Mark 6 by Joanna Adams11.5mb
mp3Matthew 11Barbara Brown Taylor"The Kingdom of Heaven Has Come Near" A Sermon from Matthew 11 by Barbara Brown Taylor8.9mb
mp3Matthew 16John Buchanan"The Builder" A Sermon from Matthew 16 by John Buchanan10.0mb
mp3Matthew 17Laura Truax"Glory and Tents" A Sermon from Matthew 17 by Laura Truax9.8mb
mp3Matthew 18:21-35Leonard Kuyvenhoven"Forgiveness: Unearned But Not Unnoticed" a sermon on Matthew 18 by Leonard Kuyvenhoven9.8 mb
mp3Matthew 2Scott Hoezee"The Epiphany of Surprise" A Sermon from Matthew 2 by Scott Hoezee14.0mb
mp3Matthew 2Erica Schemper"Lullaby for the Dying" A Meditation from Matthew 2 by Erica Schemper6.4mb
mp3Matthew 2Peter Jonker"Looking for the Brightness of God" A Sermon from Matthew 2 by Peter Jonker10.4mb
mp3Matthew 20Marva DawnSymposium on Worship 2009: "But It
mp3Matthew 20: 1-16Amy Plantinga PauwThe Last in Line A Sermon from Matthew 20 by Amy Plantinga Pauw6.2 mb
mp3Matthew 20:1-16Howard Vander Well"The Parable that Makes No Sense" A Sermon from Matthew 20 by Howard Vanderwell10.6mb
mp3Matthew 21David Davis"Stretched to See" A Sermon for Palm Sunday from Matthew 21 by David Davis7.9mb
mp3Matthew 21Scott Hoezee"Salvation Hospitality" A Sermon from Matthew 21 by Scott Hoezee9.7 MB
mp3Matthew 22Frank ThomasSymposium on Worship 2009: "Compel Them to Come" A Sermon from Matthew 22 by Frank Thomas
mp3Matthew 23Neal Plantinga"You Hypocrites" A Sermon from Matthew 23 by Neal Plantinga7.7mb
mp3Matthew 24Thea Leunk"A Holy Surprise" A Sermon from Matthew 24 by Thea Leunk9.6mb
mp3Matthew 26Thea Leunk"You Promised: The Lord's Supper" A Sermon from Matthew 26 by Thea Leunk12.3mb
mp3Matthew 28Scott Hoezee"Soar We Now" A Sermon from Matthew 28 by Scott Hoezee8.7 MB
mp3Matthew 3Laura Smit"The Waters of Baptism" A Sermon from Matthew 3 by Laura Smit9.3mb
mp3Matthew 5Jack Roeda"Lust" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Matthew 5 by Jack Roeda10.6mb
mp3Matthew 5Thea Leunk"Blessed are the Meek" A Sermon from Matthew 5 by Thea Leunk10.1mb
mp3Matthew 5:1-12Marva DawnThe Beatitudes: A Sermon on Matthew 5 by Marva Dawn23mb
mp3Matthew 5:13-16Greg ThompsonSalt and Light: A Sermon on Matthew 5 by Greg Thompson27mb
mp3Matthew 5:38-48Carolyn GordonForgiving: A Sermon on Matthew 5 by Carolyn Gordon29mb
mp3Matthew 6Jack Roeda"Greed" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Matthew 6 by Jack Roeda10.5mb
mp3Matthew 6Joanna Adams"Hallowed Be Your Name" A Sermon from Matthew 6 by Joanna Adams12.6mb
mp3Matthew 6:25-34Luke PoweryDo Not Worry: A Sermon on Matthew 6 by Luke Powery21mb
mp3Matthew 7Anne Zaki"To Judge or Not to Judge" A Sermon from Matthew 7 by Anne Zaki17.8mb
mp3Matthew 7:7-12Scott HoezeeThe Giving of Good Gifts: A Sermon on Matthew 7 by Scott Hoezee20mb
mp3MeditationFrederick Buechner"The Stewardship of Pain" A Meditation by Frederick Buechner5.5mb
mp3Nehemiah 8David Davis"Remembering the Water Gate" A Sermon from Nehemiah 8 by David Davis10.0mb
mp3Numbers 25Craig Barnes"Finding Safe Refuge" A Sermon from Numbers 35 by Craig Barnes4.1mb
mp3Numbers 6Michael DeVries"The Beauty of the Benediction" A Sermon from Numbers 6 by Michael DeVries7.9mb
mp32 Peter 3Laura Smit"Living in Expectation" A Sermon from 2 Peter 3 by Laura Smit14.4mb
mp3PhilemonHaddon Robinson"Put That on Master Charge" A Sermon from Philemon by Haddon Robinson16.45mb
mp3Philippians 1Karen CampbellSymposium 2011: "Partnership in the Gospel" A Sermon by Karen Campbell from Philippians 19.5mb
mp3Philippians 1Aaron Winkle"Unstoppable Gospel" A Sermon based on Philippians 129.1mb
mp3Philippians 1Scott HoezeeSymposium 2011: "What Does It Matter?" A Sermon from Philippians 1 by Scott Hoezee10.6mb
mp3Philippians 1Duane Kelderman"The Message is Greater Than the Messenger" A Meditation based on Philippians 15.9mb
mp3Philippians 1:3-11Mary HulstPaul27mb
mp3Philippians 2Paul Ryan"Timothy and Epaphroditus" A Sermon based on Philippians 215.1mb
mp3Philippians 2Tryve JohnsonSymposium 2011: "The Attitude of Christ" A Sermon from Philippians 2 by Trygve Johnson13.9mb
mp3Philippians 2Mary Hulst"Shining Like Stars" A Sermon based on Philippians 213mb
mp3Philippians 2Ron Rienstra"Luminescence" A Sermon from Philippians 2 by Ron Rienstra8.1mb
mp3Philippians 2:1-11Mary Hulst"Dying and Rising with Jesus" A Sermon based on Philippians 224.6mb
mp3Philippians 3Jack Roeda"Pride/Vainglory" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Philippians 3 by Jack Roeda9.5mb
mp3Philippians 3Jack Roeda"Gluttony" A Seven Deadly Sins Sermon based on Philippians 3 by Jack Roeda10.6mb
mp3Philippians 3Denise Kingdom GrierSymposium 2011: "Surpassing Knowledge" A Sermon from Philippians 3 by Denise Kingdom Grier10.3mb
mp3Philippians 4Aaron Winkle"Celebrate in the Lord!" A Sermon based on Philippians 426.9mb
mp3Philippians 4Craig Barnes"The Virtue of Gentleness" A Sermon from Philippians 4 by Craig Barnes9.8mb
mp3Philippians 4Jerry PillaySymposium 2011: "Finally, Rejoice!" A Sermon from Philippians 4 by Jerry Pillay12.4mb
mp3Philippians 4Stanley Mast"The Peace of God That Passes All Understanding" A Sermon from Philippians 4 by Stanley Mast12.3mb
mp3Preaching ArticleNeal Plantinga"Reading for Character" an "On Preaching" Article by Neal Plantinga (read by Scott Hoezee)2.2 MB
mp3Proverbs 3Clayton Libolt"A Heart of Wisdom: Humility" A Sermon from Proverbs 3 by Clayton Libolt11.0mb
mp3Psalm 1Mary HulstSymposium 2012 Sermon: "Meditate" A Sermon on Psalm 1 by Mary Hulst19mb
mp3Psalm 1Trygve Johnson"A Prayer for Hope" A Sermon from Psalm 1 by Trygve Johnson16.6mb
mp3Psalm 103Thomas G. LongSymposium 2012 Sermon: "Memory's Mountain" A Sermon on Psalm 103 by Thomas G. Long16mb
mp3Psalm 113Anne ZakiSymposium 2012 Sermon: "Stubborn Praise" A Sermon on Psalm 113 by Anne Zaki17mb
mp3Psalm 118John Witvliet"Blessed Is the One Who Comes" A Meditation on Psalm 118 by John Witvliet3.9mb
mp3Psalm 119Thea Leunk"Prayers for Lent: Wisdom" A Sermon from Psalm 119 by Thea Leunk11.4mb
mp3Psalm 13Frank ThomasSymposium 2012 Sermon: "How Long" A Sermon by Frank Thomas from Psalm 1329mb
mp3Psalm 130Clayton Schmit"Out of the Depths" A Sermon from Psalm 130 by Clayton Schmit10.8mb
mp3Psalm 139Neal Plantinga"The Inescapable God" A Sermon from Psalm 139 by Neal Plantinga7.8 MB
mp3Psalm 19Scott Hoezee"The Elegant Universe" A Sermon from Psalm 19 by Scott Hoezee14.3mb
mp3Psalm 19John Witvliet"An Ode to General Revelation" A Sermon from Psalm 19 by John Witvliet5.6mb
mp3Psalm 19David Davis"Acceptable Words, Acceptable Heart" A Sermon from Psalm 19 by David Davis8.3mb
mp3Psalm 22Laura SmitA Sermon from Psalm 22 by Laura Smit10.0mb
mp3Psalm 22Neal Plantinga"The God-Forsaken God" A Meditation on Psalm 22 by Neal Plantinga4.9 mb
mp3Psalm 23Howard Vanderwell"I Have the Table Ready" A Sermon from Psalm 23 by Howard Vanderwell28.9mb
mp3Psalm 23Angela Taylor Perry"Restoring the Soul" A Sermon from Psalm 23 by Angela Taylor Perry7.0mb
mp3Psalm 3Jerry Andrews"A Father's Lament" A Sermon based on Psalm 3 by Jerry Andrews4.4mb
mp3Psalm 39Scott Hoezee"The Bubble" A Sermon from Psalm 39 by Scott Hoezee12.7mb
mp3Psalm 42Derrick Lewis Noble"A Means of Escape" A Sermon from Psalm 42 by Derrick Lewis Noble13.3mb
mp3Psalm 47Scott Hoezee"With a Shout" A Meditation for Ascension Day on Psalm 47 by Scott Hoezee4.3mb
mp3Psalm 67Neal Plantinga"Three Reasons to Praise God" A Meditation from Psalm 67 by Neal Plantinga6.0mb
mp3Psalm 73Richard Mouw"How To See Things In The Right Way" A Sermon from Psalm 73 by Richard Mouw12.9mb
mp3Psalm 77Cynthia Fantasia"From Hopelessness to Hope" A Sermon from Psalm 77 by Cynthia Fantasia6.0mb
mp3Psalm 8Jerry Andrews"A Little Lower" A Sermon based on Psalm 8 by Jerry Andrews3.3mb
mp3Psalm 8Michael Lindvall"Insignificant and Significant" A Sermon from Psalm 8 by Michael Lindvall10.5mb
mp3Psalm 8Mark LabbertonSymposium 2012 Sermon: "Paying Attention" A Sermon on Psalm 8 by Mark Labberton23mb
mp3Psalm 8Duane Kelderman"You Gotta Be Important to Somebody" A Sermon from Psalm 8 by Duane Kelderman12.1mb
mp3Psalm 90Lora Copley"A Dwelling for Dust" A Sermon from Psalm 90 by Lora Copley13.2mb
mp3Psalm 95Stanley Mast"One Holy Passion" A Sermon from Psalm 95 by Stanley Mast10.8mb
mp3Psalm 98Cynthia Fantasia"Song of My Heart" A Sermon from Psalm 98 by Cynthia Fantasia6.0mb
mp3Revelation 1David Davis"Isness, Wasness, Comeness" A Sermon from Revelation 1 by David Davis9.8mb
mp3Revelation 2Neal Plantinga"A New Name" A Sermon from Revelation 2 by Neal Plantinga9.0mb
mp3Revelation 5Stephen Breck Reid2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon: "A Song Worth Singing" from Revelation 5 by Stephen Breck Reid10.6mb
mp3Revelation 5Carol Bechtel2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon: "Show Us Your Glory" from Revelation 5 and Exodus 33 by Carol Bechtel13.8mb
mp3Revelation 5Tim Brown"Scroll, Harps, and Bowls" A Sermon from Revelation 5 by Tim Brown14.3mb
mp3Romans 12John Witvliet"Deliver Us from Evil" A Sermon from Romans 12 by John Witvliet7.2mb
mp3Romans 12Earl Palmer"The Day is Coming" A Sermon based on Romans 12 by Earl Palmer6.9mb
mp3Romans 16Fred Craddock"When the Roll Is Called Down Here" A Sermon from Romans 16 by Fred Craddock9.8mb
mp3Romans 5Laura Smit"Resurrection Living" A Sermon from Romans 5 by Laura Smit11.0mb
mp3Romans 5Earl Palmer"Grace Can Run Faster" A Sermon based on Romans 5 by Earl Palmer5.7mb
mp3Romans 6Earl Palmer"The Two Faces of Freedom" A Sermon based on Romans 6 by Earl Palmer8.1mb
mp3Romans 8Earl Palmer"The World Watches on Tip Toes" A Sermon based on Romans 8 by Earl Palmer6.1mb
mp3Romans 8Stanley Mast"New Life: The Mind Set on the Spirit" A Sermon from Romans 8 by Stanley Mast12.2mb
mp3Romans 8John Witvliet"How Do We Pray" A Meditation from Romans 8 by John Witvliet7.8mb
mp3Romans 8Paul Ryan2007 Symposium on Worship Sermon: "The Glory to Be Revealed" A Sermon from Romans 8 by Paul Ryan13.5mb
mp3Ruth 1Mary Hulst"Coming Home Empty" A Sermon from Ruth 1 by Mary Hulst8.1 MB
mp32 Samuel 11Jack Roeda"You Are the Man" A Sermon from 2 Samuel 11 by Jack Roeda8.5mb
mp32 Samuel 11Mariano AvilaSymposium on Worship 2010: "David and the Use of Power: To Be served or to Serve?" A Sermon from 2 Samuel 11 by Marianio Avila12.3mb
mp32 Samuel 13Laura Smit"David and Tamar" A Sermon from 2 Samuel 13 by Laura Smit6.8mb
mp32 Samuel 18Jack Roeda"O My Son Absalom" A Sermon from 2 Samuel 18 by Jack Roeda10.1mb
mp31 Samuel 3Frank ThomasSymposium on Worship 2010: "Speak, Lord, for Thy Servant Heareth" A Sermon from 1 Samuel 3 by Frank Thomas14.8mb
mp32 Samuel 7Faith Jongewaard"God-Built" A Sermon from 2 Samuel 7 by Faith Jongewaard4.2mb
mp3Sermon on HopeLewis Smedes"Keeping Hope Alive" A Sermon by Lewis Smedes8.2 MB
mp3Thanksgiving SermonArthur Cribbs"Giving Thanks in Tough Times" A Thanksgiving Meditation by Arthur Cribbs4.5mb
mp31 Thessalonians 5Victor Shepherd"A Note on Intercession" A Sermon from I Thessalonians 5 by Victor Shepherd6.2mb
mp32 Timothy 1John Rottman"Go Ahead, Timothy" A Sermon from 2 Timothy 1 by John Rottman10.3mb
mp32 Timothy 2William Willimon"Is Christianity a Revealed Religion? (Preaching Is What God Does)" A Sermon from 2 Timothy 2 by William Willimon8.1mb
mp32 Timothy 3Anthony Carter"What's in the Bible" A Sermon from 2 Timothy 3 by Anthony Carter22mb
mp31 Timothy 6Ed Dobson"What the Bible Says about Wealth" A Sermon from I Timothy 6 by Ed Dobson13.6mb
mp3Zephaniah 3Mary Hulsta sermon by Mary Hulst9.4mb

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