• The Lectionary Gospel

    John 17:1-11

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    Every once in a while someone discovers a recording that until then no one knew existed.  Maybe it’s John F. Kennedy on the phone with Nikita Khrushchev.  Or it’s some other famous person having a conversation with… More...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Acts 1:6-14

    Author: Stan Mast

    On this Seventh Sunday of the Easter season, it is fitting that the first reading is about the Ascension of Jesus.  There is a real sense in which Jesus’ resurrection and his ascension are two parts of… More...

  • The Lectionary Psalms

    Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    Most of the time when the Psalms start to go on and on about God’s scattering enemies and crushing foes, the Revised Common Lectionary politely has us hopscotch right over such sentiments to focus on the nicer,… More...

  • Lectionary Epistle

    1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11

    Author: Doug Bratt

    Eliza Griswold’s The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches From the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam chronicles her travels along the 10th parallel.  In it she notes that many Muslims and Christians live and work close to each other… More...

  • En Español

    Efesios 1.3-14

    Author: Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz

    Y también ustedes, los que han escuchado el mensaje de la verdad, la buena noticia de salvación, al creer en Cristo han sido sellados con el Espíritu Santo prometido, que es garantía de nuestra herencia, en orden… More...