Creative Writing: For People Who Can’t Not Write

Lindskoog, Kathryn

Zondervan, 1989

p. 19

There is the “pseudo-proverb.”   Arthur Koestler’s definition from his 700 page The Art of Creation: ”two logically incompatible statements that have been combined into a line whose rhythm and style make it sound like a virtuous moral adage or golden rule of right living.  One should never work between meals.  One should not carry moderation to extremes.  They only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”

p. 40

“A good writer is a graceful guest in the reader’s brain.”  Cites Hemingway: “Easy writing makes hard reading.”  The writer hasn’t worked at it.  And the reverse is true too: hard writing (i.e., the kind of writing the author has suffered over) makes easy reading.