One More Sunday

MacDonald, John D.

Knopf, 1984

p. 280

Joe Deets, a libertine, a seducer, speaks: “It’s always been like a hunt. The right wind direction, camouflage, weaponry. All the right words. Walk lightly and move ever closer. Never be hasty. Never give up. It’s been my avocation. And once they are caught and when finally the novelty is gone, and the loving is getting too familiar, then I shuck them, as gently as possible, leaving as few scars as I can. And I’ve always been able to justify it by twisting the facts around. Doreen had been treated badly by her dead motorcycle friend. So-and-so’s husband has been neglecting her shamefully. What’s-her-name has never realized how attractive she is and it needs to be proven to her.”