“Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity”

Winner, Lauren

A speech in the January Series of Calvin College, January, 2006

Summary: There are three lies we tell each other about premarital sex: (1) If you do it you’ll feel bad the next morning. Nope. Not necessarily. It’s only an emotional scare tactic. The terrible truth is that even our feelings have been affected by the Fall, so they’re not entirely reliable. We’re like the prodigal son before he “came to himself.” Before that he was sleepwalking. (2) Men are uncontrollably horny beasts, but women find chastity easy because they have no libido. Not so. Many guys are tenderhearted and considerate, and many women have a robust libido. If you tell them they don’t, they’ll feel weird and different. (3) Sexual sin is the unforgiveable sin that scars you and plants ghosts of old lovers into your marriage. The true part of this is that what we do does form us. Sin hardens us. And if you have premarital sex, you’ll form habits and thoughts that have to be unlearned. But premarital sex is not unforgiveable and, eventually, you can outdistance it.