“The Crayon Man”

Yancey, Philip

Christianity Today, February 5, 1987

p. 14

Yancey comments on the revelations within Robert Coles’ 5-volume, Pulitzer Prize winning series titled Children of Crisis. Coles says that “rich kids who try to break out of their sheltered surroundings and respond to the call of conscience are sometimes viewed as abnormal. Coles interviewed a child from a very wealthy Florida family who had encountered the teachings of Christ around the age of ten. He started repeating some of Jesus’ statements in school–such as how hard it is for rich people to get into heaven, and how the poor will inherit the kingdom. His questions became a ‘problem’ for his parents, and his teachers, and his family doctor. Ultimately his parents stopped taking him to church and signed him up for psychotherapy to cure his ‘problem.’”