The Making of the President 1960

White, Theodore H.

Atheneum, 1961

pp. 286, 289, 302

p. 286: Before Nixon’s first debate with JFK in 1960 “Mr. Nixon’s advisers and representatives . . . paid meticulous attention to each detail. They were worried about the deep eye shadows in Nixon’s face and they requested and adjusted two tiny spotlights (‘inies’ in television parlance) to shine directly into his eye wells and illuminate the darkness there.” P. 289: “Probably no picture in American politics tells a better story of crisis and episode than that famous shot of the camera on the Vice President as he half slouched, his ‘Lazy Shave’ powder faintly streaked with sweat, his eyes exaggerated hollows that were drooping with strain.” P. 302 “The refrain [Nixon’s sentimental campaign trail stories about his mother and his brothers longing for a pony] might grow dull to those who followed him, yet it must have been impossible, seeing him just once at a railway station, not to want to comfort or to help this man who, like so many of his listeners, was one of life’s losers.”