The Problem of Pain

Lewis, C. S.

Macmillan, 1962

p. 17 - 18

All civilizations have (1) a sense of the numinous; (2) a sense of a morality that they cannot live up to fully; but (3) the Jews bring these together: the dreadful God who lives on mountaintops and who issues the law is the same being! The fearful one at the same time loves and also demands righteousness. But we have started to lose both (1) and (2). We need a Savior not only from our lawlessness, but also from our awelessness. And, indeed, (4) “one appears among the Jews who claims to be at one with the Something awful and the Something lawful of (1) and (2).” He evokes a clear sense of the numinous: the author of Revelation falls at his feet as one who has died (Rev. 1:17).