“You are Nasty and I am Nice: Angles on Anger”

Roberts, Robert C.

unpublished paper, 1997


passim: Anger focuses on the offender, finds him culpable, wants to hurt him at least a little, finds him somewhat repulsive at least for a time, and sees oneself (or assumes oneself) in a position to judge. Loving people have love as their ‘default’ position, and have a hair trigger for it, but like the case of viewing (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) the old woman/young woman gestalt drawing, they can switch into an anger mode too. Moreover, opportunities for sin abound here, and the person who readily switches into the anger mode without working against it can get a rusty trigger so that she doesn’t switch back to love as fast as she used to. Indeed, some folk get stuck in an anger mode. They become irascible. They “make room for the devil”‘ The devil gets into their marriage, into their parent/child relationships, into their whole life, and makes a devil of a mess. It then becomes easy to get into a permanent position of judgmentalism, seeing themselves as God’s partner in judging the rest of the race.