To Pluck Up, to Tear Down: A Commentary on the Book of Jeremiah 1-25

Author:  Brueggemann, Walter

Publisher: Eerdmans, 1988

To Build, to Plant: A Commentary on Jeremiah 26-52

Author:  Brueggemann, Walter

Publisher: Eerdmans, 1991

2 books on Jeremiah – Hermeneia

Author:  Holladay, William L

Publisher: Fortress, 1986, 1989

Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 27, Jeremiah 26-52

Author:  Keown, Gerald, Pamela Scalise, Thomas Smothers

Publisher: Nelson, 1995

Jeremiah 1-20: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary

Author:  Lundborn, Jack R.

Publisher: Anchor Bible, 1999

Judgment and Promise: Interpretation of the Book of Jeremiah

Author:  McConville, J.G.

Publisher: Apollos, 1993

Treatment of the text as a whole. Development on themes and structure

A Book of Jeremiah (NICOT)

Author:  Thompson, J.A.

Publisher: Eerdmans, 1980

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