Psalms, Volume 1 (NIVAC)

Author: Wilson, Gerald Henry

Publisher: Zondervan, 2002

Psalms 51-100

Author:  Tate, Marvin E.

Publisher: Nelson, 1991

NIV Study Bible


Publisher: Zondervan, 2002

Notes by John Stek on Psalms

Word Biblical Commentary Psalms 101-150, Volume 21 Revised

Author:  Allen, Leslie C.

Publisher: Nelson, 2002

Explores how Psalms demonstrates the spiritual life of Israel

The Message of the Psalms: A Theological Commentary

Author:  Brueggemann, Walter

Publisher: Augsburg, 2004

Brueggemann’s language translates readily to sermons, and he is not afraid to tackle difficult issues raised in the psalms

Psalms 1-50: Second Edition

Author:  Craigie, Peter C.

Publisher: Nelson, 2004

Communicates the emotional and theological impact of the Psalms as originally experienced by the people of Israel in their public worship and in private devotions

The Vitality of Worship: A Commentary of the Book of Psalms

Author:  Davidson, Robert

Publisher: Eerdmans, 1998

Focus on spirituality formed by solid exegesis

Psalms (Westminster Bible Companion)

Author:  Limburg, James

Publisher: Westminster John Knox, 2000

Popular style. Good for illustrations

Psalms: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching

Author:  Mays, James Luther

Publisher: Westminster John Knox, 2011

Sets forth what the psalms say about God, creation, humanity, and the life of faith. Proceeds with an awareness that the psalms were originally composed for worship. Mays is often lyric in stirring observations on the psalms. Great for preachers

1&2 Maccabees, Job, Psalms. (New Interpreter’s Bible)

Author:  McCann, Jr., J. Clinton

Publisher: Abingdon, 1996

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