About Us

The Center for Excellence in Preaching provides resources for busy pastors with the goal of helping them write fresh, vibrant sermons.  Each week four new sermon starter idea articles are posted to correspond to the four Revised Common Lectionary texts assigned for the next Sunday.  These articles are all archived so that even preachers who do not regularly follow the Lectionary can search for—and likely find—sermon ideas on most any biblical text.  We also post each week a sermon starter article in Spanish and these are archived.  The website features many standing resources including audio sermons, recommended commentaries for all books of the Bible, quotes from literature to use in sermon preparation, illustration ideas from movies, and more.  The Center sponsors and co-sponsors conferences and seminars; the dates and application information are posted regularly on the CEP website.  In everything the Center does, the goal is the same: to provide new insights, fresh perspectives, relevant illustrations, and textual insights that will spark ideas and jumpstart creativity in preachers who each week have the holy but also daunting privilege of preaching God’s Word to God’s people.