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  • The Lectionary Gospel

    Mark 8:31-38

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    Life has its ups and downs but rarely are they packed so closely together as in Mark 8. Only a few verses earlier Peter had answered one of history’s most powerful questions and he had answered it… More...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    At first blush, Genesis 17 may not seem like a real likely Lenten text. But stay tuned in this sermon starter and eventually we’ll come around to seeing how this text fits in with Lent after all… More...

  • The Lectionary Psalms

    Psalm 22:23-31

    Author: Doug Bratt

    Christians who read this psalm, particularly during the season of Lent, can hardly do so without hearing Jesus’ groan as he dangles between heaven and earth on the cross. After all, both Mark 15:34 and Matthew 27:46… More...

  • Lectionary Epistle

    Romans 4:13-25

    Author: Stan Mast

    Did the apostle Paul distort the teachings of Jesus? That’s the claim of some higher critics of the New Testament. Jesus taught a simple but stringent Jewish Gospel, while Paul complicated it with categories taken from Hellenistic… More...