• The Lectionary Gospel

    John 1:6-8, 19-28

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    “Among you stands one you do not know.” Those were John the Baptist’s words as recorded in John 1:26.  Of course, at that time it was literally true that a quiet carpenter’s son from the backwaters of… More...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11

    Author: Doug Bratt

    We often connect much of the Christmas season to happiness.  God’s people love to sing, “Joy to the World.”  We decorate our homes, stores and communities with bright lights.  Most of us like to celebrate with both… More...

  • The Lectionary Psalms

    Psalm 126

    Author: Stan Mast

    On this third Sunday of Advent the Lectionary directs our attention to the third post-Exilic Psalm in a row (see previous articles on Psalms 80 and 85). Each of these three is focused on the word “restore.” … More...

  • Lectionary Epistle

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-24

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    After the heavy duty apocalyptic warnings and the stern commands of II Peter 3:8-15a, our reading for this third Sunday of Advent feels a bit lightweight, like a snow flurry of commands that don’t really fit the… More...

  • En Español

    Lucas 1.26-38

    Author: Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz

    Cuando Isabel ya tenía seis meses de embarazo, Dios mandó al ángel Gabriel a Nazaret, un pueblo de la región de Galilea. 27 El ángel llevaba un mensaje para una joven llamada María. Ella estaba comprometida para casarse… More...