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It is a great privilege to welcome you to the Center for Excellence in Preaching website! I hope that this will soon be a regular stop for you as you travel the information superhighway. We've loaded this website with a battery of sermon resources and ideas and we are committed to keep adding new material constantly.

Be sure routinely to check the "This Week" section as we will post fresh ideas for the upcoming Sunday as well as for the current season of the church year. Take note, too, that this is a website that contains the voices of a great many of your peers-in fact, we hope you will share your ideas as well so that we may all learn from each other.

For the past fifteen years I have written and then preached two new sermons almost every single week. We preachers know how rigorous that production schedule can be! As the first director of the CEP, I hope to draw off those years of experience-the things that went well as well as the things that did not go so well-so as to provide my sisters and brothers in ministry with all the help we can muster here at the Center.

But this website is just one portion of the CEP. At any given moment we will have seminars and conferences coming up, and I hope you can take advantage of these focused times of learning and fellowship. We are also committed to fostering, and then providing modest funding for, peer learning groups around the U.S. and Canada, and I welcome your inquiries about this offering of the Center as well.

In fact, I welcome all of your comments, questions, and ideas and am available to correspond with you. Feel free to send your website ideas to preaching@calvinseminary.edu or contact me directly at seh6@calvinseminary.edu

By God's grace and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can together refine the craft of preaching so that the Lord's people may be fed, that the church may be strengthened, and that our Triune God may be glorified!

-- Scott

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