2020 Summer Seminar – Preaching Seven Deadly Sins

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Ideas for This Sunday’s Sermon

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Sermon Starters of the week.  More

  • The Lectionary Gospel

    John 1:29-42

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    The lamb of God.  Agnus Dei.  The lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.   Agnus Dei tolle peccato mundi.  It is so familiar to us.  Even if you Google that Latin phrase Agnus… More...

  • Old Testament Lectionary

    Isaiah 49:1-7

    Author: Stan Mast

    We met the famed Servant of Isaiah in last week’s Old Testament lesson, where God introduced him/them to us. Now in this reading, the second Servant Song, we learn more as the Servant reflects on his/their calling,… More...

  • The Lectionary Psalms

    Psalm 40:1-11

    Author: Scott Hoezee

    Did David (or whoever wrote this psalm) write it backwards?  You can divide Psalm 40 rather neatly into two halves (though most of the second half is left out by the Lectionary).  The first ten or so… More...

  • Lectionary Epistle

    1 Corinthians 1:1-9

    Author: Doug Bratt

    This Sunday’s RCL’s Epistolary Lesson may seem like a strange way for Paul to begin his first letter to the Corinthians.  Of course, it would not be a particularly strange way to begin most communications.  1 Corinthians… More...

  • En Español

    I Corintios 4.8-17

    Author: Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz

    Así que nosotros somos unos locos a causa de Cristo; ustedes, en cambio, un modelo de sensatez cristiana; nosotros somos débiles, ustedes fuertes; ustedes se llevan la estima, nosotros el desprecio. I Corintios 4.10, La Palabra (Hispanoamérica)… More...