Tolstoy, Leo, trans. Louise Maud

Dover, 2004

pp. 144 - 145

Prince Dimitri Nekhlyudov (neck-lee-YOO-dov) visits in prison with the maid (Máslova) he had impregnated and corrupted. She had become a prostitute, and then a prisoner. After his conscience works at him for a while he decides to marry her in order to atone for his seduction and redeem his victim. But she isn’t having any of his program of self-vindication. She says this: “’You go away. I am a convict and you are a prince, and you’ve no business here,’ she cried, her whole appearance transformed by her anger, and pulling away her hand.

‘You want to save yourself through me,’ she continued, hurrying to express what had risen in her soul. ‘You’ve got pleasure out of me in this life, and want to save yourself through me in the life to come. You are disgusting to me—your spectacles and the whole of your dirty fat mug. Go, go!’ she screamed, starting to her feet.”